Wisteria Vine Plant

Wisteria Vine Plant. Japanese wisteria (wisteria floribunda), chinese wisteria (wisteria sinensis) plant type: Toxic to humans and pets

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Water your plant while backfilling to prevent air pockets from forming, and pat down the soil when done. But the wisteria common throughout the southeast is actually an invasive from china. To grow wisteria in a pot, start with a pot that is only a little larger than the one the plant came in.

The two main varieties for sale in australia are wisteria sinensis and wisteria floribunda although others can also be found.

Toxic to humans and pets Wisteria is prized for its lovely flowering performance. Blue moon wisteria vine (wisteria macrostachya ‘blue moon’)

Wisteria vine how to plant wisteria vine.

Water newly planted wisteria daily during the warmer months to aid establishment. Wisteria is a perennial vine with wonderfully fragrant flowers, often lavender, that grow in clusters, similar to grapes. Chinese wisteria grows so rapidly that it covers plants, shading out others and even killing trees.

Even fewer are aware of the deep symbolic meanings behind the plant.

Place the plant in the hole or container, ensuring it’s straight, and start backfilling the hole. Wisteria is a twining vine that requires sturdy support and regular pruning to keep it under control. What you need to know about wisteria.

A woody climbing vine originally from china,.

Tie the stems in to galvanised wires fixed horizontally along. The vine twines counterclockwise, and new foliage is often bronzy, turning green with age. Wisteria blooms are highly fragrant and come in a variety of colors ranging from pink to purple to white.

Ask your local nursery for growing tips in your zone as they might have a few insider tricks to get your plants blooming optimally in your climate.

Chinese wisteria chinese wisteria typically has shorter racemes, up to 12 long, and usually opens its flowers all at once. To plant your wisteria, dig a hole as deep as the root ball and 2 to 3 times as wide, or find a large container. American wisteria can reach dazzling heights of up to 30 feet.

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