Maidenhair Fern Plant

Maidenhair Fern Plant. Lacy and delicate looking, the maidenhair fern has long been a favourite for indoor plant collectors and outdoor gardeners alike. Make sure to keep this plant in temperatures above 60° f (15° c), as anything below this mark could prove fatal.

Cheilanthes pseudofarinosa Rare xerophytic fern
Cheilanthes pseudofarinosa Rare xerophytic fern from

Maidenhair ferns can be difficult to keep healthy indoors, as they're quite particular about their growing conditions. As long as you’re clear on its requirements and you’re willing to put in a little effort, this plant will charm in both an indoor setting as a container. Avoid placing your plant near any drafty doors or windows, as well as.

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Staghorn Fern Plant

Staghorn Fern Plant. These fascinating plants are a group of 18 species from different parts of the world. The staghorn fern is an unusual plant, being both an air plant and a fern, though it bears little resemblance to most ferns.

Ask a Question forum How to hang a Staghorn Fern
Ask a Question forum How to hang a Staghorn Fern from

The plants have two types of leaves, one of which resembles the horns of a large herbivore. Again, you’ll have to think jungle here. The plants known as staghorn ferns include the 18 species in the platycerium genus plus many hybrids and varieties of those species.

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Foxtail Fern Plant

Foxtail Fern Plant. Plant the outdoor foxtail fern in a lightly shaded area, particularly avoiding hot afternoon sun in the hottest zones. But this sculptural plant is not as straightforward as many other evergreens or succulents that are commonly seen used as ornamental planting.

Asparagus setaceus pyramidalis tree fern
Asparagus setaceus pyramidalis tree fern from

They can grow well in temperatures that range between 65 and 75 degrees. Foxtail ferns are ornamental evergreen plants with plumes of bushy green foliage. This is the plant we’re focusing on today, which is characterized by thick, upright stems.

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