Allium Millenium Plant

Allium Millenium Plant. You can place it in a container with potting mix or in poor or clay soil. Typically pest and disease free.

2 Ails d'Ornement 'Millenium' Vente Plantes Vivaces
2 Ails d'Ornement 'Millenium' Vente Plantes Vivaces from

Profusion of large 2 round bright rosy purple flower clusters on strong stems. Rosy purple ball of flowers! Average size is 12 tall x 12 wide.

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Allium Flower Plant

Allium Flower Plant. The flowers of allium form an umbel at the top of a leafless stalk. There’s a dispute over exactly which plants belong to the genus because it has a complicated taxonomy of evolutionary lines.

Allium triquetrum
Allium triquetrum from

Soil must be light and drain well, and even poor soil is fine. Plant dormant allium bulbs in the fall according to your growing zone. Alliums have strappy, undistinguished leaves and straight tubular flower stalks.

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