Oakleaf Hydrangea Plant

Oakleaf Hydrangea Plant. The plant is a large shrub that's native to the southeastern united states, grows quickly. As spring progresses, the flowers will emerge on panicles in june.

How to Grow Oakleaf Hydrangea Shrubs
How to Grow Oakleaf Hydrangea Shrubs from www.thespruce.com

Root runners sometimes form on maturation. The time to prune is when the flowers fade. Oakleafs can tolerate colder weather, and can be grown farther north, than other hydrangeas.

Best in partial shade in.

This plant has low severity poison characteristics. A pyramidal cluster of white blooms matures in the late spring and summer, turning purple with time. After planting, water the shrub with two gallons for every inch of trunk diameter for the first two weeks.

Named for it's large scale leaves with a similar shape to the leaves of an oak tree.

It blooms best in areas where summers are somewhat hot, but it is winter hardy farther north than the macrophylla (mophead). A tremendous advantage of the oakleaf is that it can thrive in much dryer locations than its cousins. The oakleaf hydrangea is a dramatic, white or pink blooming shrub with four seasons of interest.

When you are planting hydrangea quercifolia, make sure you leave the root fare, or the widening part of the stem, visible from the surface.

Well, if you know where your plant originally came from, you’ll know which environment conditions it prefers, and with it, knowledge on how to replicate it at home. A low maintenance, easy to grow shrub. These will remain on the plant for several weeks and go through a variety of colors as they age (white to pink to brown).

You should focus your watering on the root flare.

They’re winter hardy to zone 5. The time to prune is when the flowers fade. They are excellent substitutes for mophead hydrangeas (hydrangea macrophylla) in colder climates.

Ideal for specimen or accent planting.

The oakleaf hydrangea is an upright shrub up to one and a half meters high, which is as wide as it is tall once it is a mature plant. Oakleaf hydrangea is a deciduous shrub that may grow to 8 feet. This plant has low severity poison.

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