Licuala Grandis Plant

Licuala Grandis Plant. The plant can also tolerate full sun once it has established. These shiny dark green leaves are.

Licuala Grandis The Mellow SF
Licuala Grandis The Mellow SF from

Licuala grandis is a species of palm tree in the family arecaceae. Ruffled fan palm is one of the most interesting and attractive of all small palms. This elegant palm tree is great for small yards and can also grow indoors in the container.

Terrestrial (primary rainforest, secondary rainforest) preferred climate zone.

This plant is native to australia and is naturally found in moist soil. Commonly called the ruffled fan palm or simply fan palm, this an understory plant in its natural habitat, it grows well in dappled shade. Licuala grandis, commonly known as ruffled fan palm due to its gorgeous pleated, or ruffled leaves is a popular choice in landscaping areas.

It will tolerate full sun once established.

Licuala is an understory grower that thrives indoors in filtered or bright indirect light. Licuala grandis is a perfect indoor plant as a natural humidifier by removing carbon monoxide and replacing the air with fresh oxygen. Exposition requires shade when young.

To grow this palm plant, you need to alter the growing conditions according to the plant.

Ruffled fan palm tree (licuala grandis). It is native to solomon and vanuatu islands (new guinea). It is an elegant and unique compared to other palms.

The licuala grandis is a slow growing, and surprisingly very hardy tropical plant, native to the vanuatu islands right off the coast of australia.

The notched ends coupled with the gorgeous, ruffled leaves create a striking look that will stand out in any environment. With proper conditions, this palm is an excellent specimen in the tropical landscape. It is one of the pleated palms and the foliage is very attractive, large, glossy green on tall stems.

The plant can also tolerate full sun once it has established.

Its attractive dark green leaves are like fans that span to about 20 inches or more. Partial shade or dappled sun when small and young. It has a single slender trunk that can grow to about 10 ft tall.

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