Dichondra Silver Falls Plant

Dichondra Silver Falls Plant. ‘silver falls’ may be purchased in spring from nurseries as bedding plants or may be grown from seed. This plant loves to grow in full sunlight as well as does well in partial sunlight.

Dichondra Seeds Dichondra Argentea Silver Falls Ground
Dichondra Seeds Dichondra Argentea Silver Falls Ground from www.outsidepride.com

Silver falls™ dichondra is an herbaceous perennial with a trailing habit of growth, eventually spilling over the edges of hanging baskets and containers. Synonyms dichondra micrantha 'silver falls'. It is used in hanging baskets, planters and in the garden beds as a filler and vining.

Silver falls dichondra used as a trailing plant over a wall in an annual bed.

Synonyms dichondra micrantha 'silver falls'. Very strongly trailing plant is a fun component in baskets and other planters. This plant can grow in sandy loam soil and is best suited for containers, hanging baskets, rock.

Very heat and drought tolerant.

However, if you have ever tried to overwinter or propagate dichondra you might find it can be somewhat difficult. Other common names silver nickel vine 'silver falls'. This plant loves to grow in full sunlight as well as does well in partial sunlight.

A truly wandering plant, dichondra ‘silver falls’ ( dichondra argentea ‘silver falls’) is a stand out in any garden.

Dichondra silver falls the trailing plant has beautiful and attractive silver foliage that grows well in full sun, partial shade or complete shade. A wonderful trailing plant that grows well in full sun dichondra ‘silver falls’ (pictured right) is widely grown in hanging baskets and containers where it can be allowed to trail down over the side. It should only take a few minutes for full absorption.

It is a fast growing plant and the silvery, pale green leaves are much more impressive than the small flowers it produces. Dichondra silver falls have lovely, small rounded leaves, resembling miniature water lily. Although it is a most effective plant.

Noteworthy characteristics dichondra argentea , commonly called silver ponysfoot or silver nickel vine, is a creeping/trailing evergreen perennial that is native to desert regions in western texas, new mexico, southeastern arizona and northern mexico.

Dichondra plants sport tight clusters of numerous rounded leaves that range from green to silver in color. It works beautifully as a ground cover or in a hanging basket. Your plant is a type of dichondra silver falls.

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