Creeping Fig Plant

Creeping Fig Plant. Tiny and tough,ficus pumilais a dwarf member of the ficusfamily. The creeping fig does like to be pot bound to a certain degree.


As the plant matures, the vines get woody and the leaves get thicker and leathery. When the plant matures it starts to produce large, leathery adult foliage on horizontal, woody branches. The creeping fig is an evergreen climbing species which you might have seen crawling up the walls of large mansions or a quaint house in the country.

Long (5 cm), on its climbing stems.

Indoors they’re best grown in a hanging basket, or given something to attach to and climb. Two or three times a year, clip away new layers to encourage more horizontal growth and to prevent leaves from turning leathery. Creeping fig is a delightful little houseplant.

If you do not this much rainfall in a week, you will need to supplement with the hose.

The plant’s wandering stems and small leaves create an interesting lacy pattern as the vine grows across the wall. Creeping fig vine, also known as fig ivy, creeping ficus and climbing fig, is a popular ground and wall cover in warmer parts of the country and a lovely houseplant in cooler areas. This evergreen plant averages 40 feet at maturity, but three and four story heights are not unheard of.

They do this by secreting a sticky substance from the aerial roots.

Creeping fig plant (ficus pumila) makes a wonderful addition to the home and the garden. It can be potted in hanging baskets, ground cover to hide a dirty wall, or even placed inside terrariums. It is also called the ficus pumila.

The plant is likewise versatile enough to grow in.

Small, leathery, dark green leaves mature into large, thick leaves; As the plant matures, the vines get woody and the leaves get thicker and leathery. It’s also one of the smallest members of the ficus family.

Prune the mature foliage to promote new juvenile growth.

That doesn’t seem to have slowed the spread of its popularity around the world, as it has been aggressively invading commercial spaces in recent years as one of the most sought. Works well over archways, planted as topiary and even indoors for a little greenery. Creeping fig can be planted in sun or shade, and it has a good tolerance to salt spray.

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