Caladium Varieties Plant

Caladium Varieties Plant. Heart to heart blushing bride. There are many cultivars of caladium available.

Caladium Lindenii Magnificum House Plant
Caladium Lindenii Magnificum House Plant from

Traditionally used in outdoor gardening in warmer climates, these broadleaf plants can bring a dramatic or subtle splash of color to any indoor space. The caladium likes humidity, so spray with water, especially in winter. On average, the height of a caladium will be between 18 to 24 inches.

The flowers consist of a small flowering spike called a spadix.

There are some dwarf varieties as well that will stay at around 12 inches tall. The plant looks wonderfully in containers or as border plants, planted outdoors. Flare is tolerant of full sun conditions, works well in the landscape and is intermediate in height.

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The leaves are usually slightly bigger than the palm of your hand. These varieties also have heart shaped leaves, but the strap and lance varieties tend to have a wavy edged curly leaf making them appear “fancy”, hence the occasional. Remove dead, infected or damaged plant parts and dispose them away from the planting area.

23+ caladium pink varieties plants.

Many multicolored caladium plants have vibrantly colored veining on the leaves and contrasting margins. Caladium flowers are small white flowers that are typical of plants in the family araceae. Caladiums are a large genus of tropical perennial plants with over 1000 vibrant cultivars.

The second type of caladium is the strap, lance and dwarf varieties.

It is amazing to see the development of these new caladium varieties in recent year and leaves me looking forward to what is coming down the line in the future. Since there are caladium varieties that grow in both sun and shade, it should be easy to find one that fits. This is surrounded by a spathe, which looks like a white curled leaf.

They are naturals in beds with ferns or.

Varieties of caladiums have spectacular leaves in colors such as pink, white, green, and red. Caladiums are tropical plants growing from tubers, most known for their colorful foliage, and used as a houseplant or summer bedding plant. These tropical tubers, most of them varieties derived from caladium bicolor, are grown for their dramatic summer foliage.

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