Begonia Rex Plant

Begonia Rex Plant. Rich but open potting mix, kept moist during growing season. Rex begonias are rhizomatous begonias.

Rex Begonia Vine, Cissus discolor
Rex Begonia Vine, Cissus discolor from

4.5 out of five star rating on trustpilot. Begonia rex ‘boston cherries & chocolate; Will tolerate dry air but prefer high humidity.

Today there are hundreds of hybrid varieties of the begonia rex sold in.

Rex begonias don’t mind being a bit root bound, but repotting each spring is beneficial to the plant. Avoid misting, which can lead to problems with powdery mildew. How to take care begonia rex plant :

Because growing begonia in the open ground is a difficult.

Grow rex begonia in a medium to bright spot as a houseplant. Fundamentals of caring for rex begonia plants at home. The rex type begonias are an understory plant, so good filtered light is best.

There are many different cultivated varieties, sporting large leaves with streaks, spirals or veins, and often with splashes of silver, pink, purple green and burgundy.

Begonia rex is also known as the painted leaf begonia for the huge variety of patterns that you can find with this type of plant. Rex begonias are grown for their colourful, dramatic foliage. 4.5 out of five star rating on trustpilot.

Rex begonias are rhizomatous begonias.

The cultivar offers a wide range of colors, textures, and shape. Unlike other houseplants, bigger plant pots are better. Water rex begonias when the potting mix just dries.

Rhizomatous begonia (rex begonia) rhizomatous begonias are herbaceous plants cultivated mainly for their foliage.

This is a colorful, perennial, flowering plant that originally came from india. If you’re comfortable, the rex begonia is comfortable. If everything is done correctly, the begonia will be able to please you with beautiful variegated leaves for a long time.

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