Balsam Plant

Balsam Plant. Most of the balsam plants are native to southeast asia, but are grown in different parts of the world. Originally from asia and south africa, balsam is a plant of the crassulaceae family.

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(plants) any of certain aromatic resinous turpentines. Balsam of peru (also known as tolu balsam) essential oil is obtained from myroxylon balsamum, a tree native to south and central america. Balsam flower planting pros (mary’s viewpoint) balsam flower is an annual plant that hales from southeast asia.

The name balsam is often used interchangeably with impatiens.

Balsam plants belong to the genus impatiens, which has around 1000 species of flowering plants. Balsam plant leaves and seeds are the most useful parts of the plant. Several plants produce substances which are classified as balsam, and an assortment of other plants have a similar odor which leads gardeners to refer to them by the same name.

(plants) any of various fragrant oleoresins, such as balm or tolu, obtained from any of several trees and shrubs and used as a base for medicines and perfumes.

The spurs are incurved and about 1 to 2.5 cm long. A victorian garden favorite, balsam is a quick growing flower. Impatiens flower plant | impatiens plant care | balsam plant propagation | how to grow balsam plant#impatiens #impatiensplantcare #impatiensflower #impatiens.

However, the plant leaves can be poisonous if a large quantity is consumed by animals, yet some parts of balsam like the seeds are edible.

(plants) any of certain aromatic resinous turpentines. Fruits are fuzzy capsules, green turning to brown when mature, and split open easily to scatter small seeds. According to the natural medicinal tradition, its leaves can be consumed to cure and help in the treatment of various ailments, having a slightly acidic taste.

Because of its mixed aroma of vanilla, cinnamon, and cloves, it is used to flavor foods and to serve as a perfume base for many cosmetic and toiletry products.

(plants) any of various similar substances used as medicinal or ceremonial ointments. Plant at least 8 to 10 specimens to a square yard (1 m²) to create amazing ground cover. Compact, double forms are the most common and available in a stunning array of colors that white and shades of red, salmon, lilac, orange, purple, rose or pink, either solid colored or variegated.

Garden balsam is an annual plant which grows from 60 to 100 cm high.

Balsam looks great when planted in containers, bedding and edging. They begin blooming in the late. Balsam fir trees are often used as privacy screens and windbreaks.

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