Aparajita Flower Plant

Aparajita Flower Plant. Fertilize in the spring and summer season. Aparajita flower plants are the easiest flowering plants you can grow at home without a fuss.

Blue Pea Butterfly Vine YouTube
Blue Pea Butterfly Vine YouTube from www.youtube.com

The image is for reference purpose only. How to get more flowers on aparajita plant (butterfly pea) care, soil, fertilizer. Grow it in a location with moderate sunlight and water deeply only when the few inches of the top layer is dry.

Aparajita is used in ‘panchakarma’ treatment of ayurveda.

Aparajita plant has many names like, in latin word, aparajita is called cleatoria ternatea and, in hindi, it. Solitary, with light yellow markings. The aparajita form of goddess durga is worshipped near the shami tree because shami leaves are good conservers of energy and they conserve the energy of aparajita that manifests in the form of fountains, for long periods.

People benefit from this conserved energy of goddess aparajita by preserving these leaves in their homes.

This plant is rich in sodium. It grows as a vine or creeper, doing well in moist, neutral soil. Aparajita flower contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron and manganese.

It is popularly known as “bunga telang” in malay and “sangu poo or sangu pushpam” in tamil.

Clitoria ternatea) is a medicinal plant widely used as a brain tonic, in ayurveda. It is a perennial herbaceous plant, with elliptic, obtuse leaves. This flowering creeper plant requires a bit of support and are perfect for balcony where you can guide them along the railing.

Aparajita is a vine plant.

Features of aparajita flower plant. Aparajita is a flowering plant and it has many uses for medicinal purposes. Fertilize in the spring and summer season.

The plant of aparajita is also known as asian pigeonwings and its scientific name is cleatoria ternatea and it belongs to the fabaceae family.

It has many vitamins and antioxidants which provide many beneficial effects in our body. It is an ancient thai herbal plant that has so many health benefits. It is also known as butterfly pea,.

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