Alternanthera Reineckii Plant

Alternanthera Reineckii Plant. Since they are relatively easy to take care of, they can be grown by beginners in the aquarium hobby as well. There are many variety of alternanthera reineckii species, but this original version starts it all.

Alternanthera reineckii 'Rosaefolia' ('Pink') Aquasabi
Alternanthera reineckii 'Rosaefolia' ('Pink') Aquasabi from

Alternanthera reineckii (scarlet temple) is a popular aquatic plant that is typically kept as a midground or background plant in aquariums. Accent (red), background, midground, street (dutch style) aquascaping: It features a narrow leaf that can develop stunning red, pink, magenta colors once adapt to your aquarium.

Alternanthera reineckii ‘mini’ is a small plant with solid red color, long narrow leaves.

Alternanthera reineckii is a species of aquatic plant in the family amaranthaceae. It features a narrow leaf that can develop stunning red, pink, magenta colors once adapt to your aquarium. If the leaves continue to randomly melt;

High light intensity and addition of co2 improves the.

Alternanthera reineckii is also known as the scarlet temple plant. Like other stem plants, it requires med The slow growth of this red miniature acquatic plant makes it unique as compact foreground plants are to small tanks, with its bushes setting an accent to the overall look.

The growth rate is a little.

The degree of redness in this species isn't dependent on nutrient levels with this one either, unlike the ludwigias, rotalas, et al. It requires an aqua soil and co2 along with good strong light to do well. Easy to propagate by nipping off the terminal bud and planting it in the substrate.

Alternanthera reineckii is tolerant of most soil types and has an upright habit and large, showy foliage.

The variety ‘red ruby‘ is a very pretty new cultivar which is a type of alternanthera reineckii. Intermediate aquarists love it because despite having many requirements to stay healthy, after adaptation, it solidifies and flora continuously in. This plant is commonly used in dutch aquascapes for its bright and vibrant red colors.

Alternanthera reineckii roseafolia is a colorful aquarium stem plant with long red and green leaves, which provide stunning contrast to green aquarium plants.

Alternanthera reineckii mini is a delicate dwarf variant of the stem plant, alternanthera reineckii. The plant is widely used in layout environments. The most noticeable feature is the ruby red venation on the leaves, which stands out clearly from the red background color.

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