Alocasia Zebrina Plant

Alocasia Zebrina Plant. Popular name(s):elephant ear, elephant’s ear. Back to top the alocasia zebrina is a tropical plant, which means it needs a humid environment.

Alocasia sp., Alocasia, Taro
Alocasia sp., Alocasia, Taro from

Origin:south east asia (philippines) height:up to 2 metres. Alocasia zebrina plants can be grown outside in warm, tropical conditions. Light requirements, watering needs, fertilizer, soil, and more.

Alocasia is a very toxic plant.

21 comments 846 posted by 3 days ago how it started vs how's it going 1 / 2 92 comments 698 posted by 4 days ago anyone else get this feeling? The distribution of alocasia zebrina. It also has oversized heart shaped leaves that puts it in the elephant ear family.

Care mode generally easy but loves the extra attention.

This plant is originally from the southeast asia tropics so it loves a bit of humidity. They prefer indirect sunlight but require it to. Together, these two features make this medium sized houseplant very memorable.

Alocasia zebrine plant care basics soil.

Read how to care for an alocasia zebrina how to care for alocasia amazonica: Alocasia zebrina has grown some serious roots the roots took over the whole pot and even started to circle the pot at the bottom. How to care for an alocasia zebrina humidity and watering.

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Their usda growth zone is 10 or 11 according to the usda. Success 39 comments 1.0k posted by 5 days ago do you have a plant? Popular name(s):elephant ear, elephant’s ear.

Read how to care for an alocasia zebrina

They can also produce a large number of offshoots in the same pot because they are an invasive species in the wild. Being kept outside of this temperate range for prolonged periods of time can lead to poor plant health. Partial shade or dappled light works great for this plant, so outdoors, it will do fine under a tree that filters direct light.

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